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Burn the Boat retreats will help you understand more about yourself and what you want for your life.

We’ll combine travel to locations off the beaten path with group exercises and thought-provoking discussion, all to help you deepen your understanding of what you want for yourself in the future to be fulfilled.

We’ll experience these destinations like locals, diving into great food, exploring cool neighborhoods, and experiencing the culture in a way that opens your mind and heart and gets you thinking about what you really want for yourself.

Locations for future retreats include South America, Asia, and Scandinavia.

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  • Feeling Stagnant? Worried that you’re just going through the motions in your life and career?
  • Anxious about what your life will be like if you stay on your current monotonous path?
  • Want to wake up feeling excited for the new day, knowing you’re on track to lead the life that’s right for you?

Then join me for an adventurous journey to Perú (and you!) in 2023!
During our 10-day trip, you’ll sweep away the past and open up to exciting, new life possibilities.
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