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Helping clients figure out what’s important to them, what they want next, and how to get it.

Somewhere in a Plane over Mongolia, Everything Changed

From the outside, it looked like I had it all. I graduated with honors from Tulane and had a 20-plus year career in marketing, complete with international travel, impressive titles, and big salaries.

All the trappings of success, right? And yet, I felt like I was missing out on something better, that I needed more out of life.

Society says I should have been happy. Instead, I felt empty.

Looking out the windows of that Mongolian jet, I realized my heart wanted adventure, a new level of learning, and above all else — service to others.

At that moment, I decided to turn my life around: I quit the corporate grind, burned the boat, and created Keith 2.0 to live the life that was in my heart.

And now I work with other brave souls who are ready to stop dreaming and start living. To create a life that fills them with excitement and purpose.

I was at a bit of a crossroads in my career when I started working with Keith. He helped me get clarity on what really was important to me and what I wanted next in my career and in life. I give Keith’s coaching credit for with helping me move successfully in a new career direction and find greater fulfillment.

Ben M.

Been There. Done That.
Got the T-Shirt.

I’m Keith Finger, the founder of Burn the Boat, and I built a thriving coaching and consulting business that allows me to share my passion with people all around the world.

Everywhere I go, without fail, people approach me saying: “I would love to do what you did! How did you break free to build a business and life you love?”

The truth is, I did it the hard way. I hustled, stumbled, and made mistakes. I took the long way around. But you don’t have to.

That’s why I developed these courses that allow you to skip the struggle, and show you how to create a vision for your life, and set actionable goals to make it happen.

What’s in a name?

I’ve always been a fan of the phrase “burn the boat.” I’ve used it frequently to describe actions I took in my own life to move forward. But what does it mean?

The phrase “burn the boat” has its origins in military history. Commanders would order their troops, who frequently arrived by boat, to burn their boats upon arrival so that retreat (and defeat) was not an option.

Julius Caesar was one such commander who ordered his troops to burn their boats. Over 2000 years ago Caesar set out to conquer England. Upon arrival on the English coast, his troops saw they were far outnumbered by the Celts. Fear started to spread and his troops readied their ships to leave without even engaging with the enemy. Seeing this Caesar ordered the troops to instead burn the boats, signaling both that retreat wasn’t an option and that he had complete confidence in his troops to defeat the enemy, which they did.

At its essence, burning the boats represents a point of no return, a psychological commitment where you recognize that you have crossed a line never to cross back. There is no hedging, no looking over your shoulder. Instead, everything now—all thoughts and efforts—will be focused on succeeding in this new reality.

When it comes to making changes, there comes a time when you must burn your boats if you want to move forward and get what you want. The critical thing to know is that “burning the boat” is different for everyone, and you need to make the change that is right for you.

I’m here to help you to find what you really want for your life and career.
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