Peru retreat
Peru retreat

If you’re a business professional who’s ready to learn what you really want out of your life (and career), then join us for this Peruvian adventure in self-discovery, where you’ll come away feeling confident, excited and renewed, knowing what you want from life and how to make it happen.

Coming in 2024!

The early morning air is cool to your skin and you notice the dew glistening on the grass in the morning sun. A light fog hangs in the air, adding a sense of intrigue and excitement to this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Here you are, moments away from seeing one of the true wonders of the world. Your heart quickens and you feel the electricity in the air. You’ve seen photos but now you’ll see it up close for yourself.

Your pulse quickens as you get closer. Suddenly you stop, awestruck over the scene ahead: the ruins of the famed Machu Picchu, spread out over the verdant hillsides below you.

What a wonder to behold! And inside you sense more wonder still. Already you have begun to feel the changes taking place.

You begin to feel an excitement and clarity about your path that you haven’t felt in years. And your journey has only just begun.

Wouldn’t it be great to have the life that reflects who you really are and what’s in your heart?
You bet it would! On this retreat, using group sharing, you’ll get the “real” you to emerge and claim your best life now.

Wouldn’t it feel great to bust through the self-doubt that’s held you back and started feeling like what you want is possible?
It sure would feel great! While we explore Peru together you’ll use deep thinking and grounding to learn to control and quiet your inner critic, so you can be your best self and create the life you crave.

Can you imagine how you’ll feel to stop going through the motions in life and start doing what lights you up and excites you?
It’ll feel awesome! While we’re together, your values and priorities will come into focus and you’ll understand what’s in your heart and what really matters, so you can live a life that’s authentic and feels right.

Wouldn’t it feel incredible to wake up every day feeling enthusiastic and excited about who you are and where you’re going in life?
It sure would! While exploring the wonders of Peru, you’ll use self-awareness exercises to discover what you really want in life so you can go for it and feel great about your direction.

Can you imagine how awesome it would feel to know exactly what you want so you can finally go out and get it?
It would be amazing! As you learn about the ancient culture and customs of Peru, you’ll use explorative writing to learn more about yourself and what you want from life, so you can lead the fulfilling life you crave.

The Venues

Cusco/Sacred Valley: Casa Andina Premium Sacred Valley

Located outside of Cusco in the town of Urubumba, in the lush and mystical Valle Sagrado (Sacred Valley), the Casa Andina Premium Valle Sagrado is our first stop.

With charming villages nearby and the old town and hilltop ruins of Ollantaytambo down the road, the Casa Andean blends traditional Peruvian design with modern conveniences.

The Casa Andina is set in hills that seem to come right up to your window. The spacious rooms all have spectacular views of the Andes Mountains through the panoramic windows. All rooms also have beautiful hardwood floors with spacious bathrooms and showers. You’ll open your patio door and step outside, taking in the crisp, fresh Andean air as you reflect on the growth and new insights to come.

Machu Picchu: Inkaterra El Mapi

Smart and contemporary meets old world charm at the El Mapi in Aguas Calientes, the jumping-off point for visiting Machu Picchu, one of the new wonders of the world.

A modern hotel with design elements featuring traditional Peruvian themes, you’ll experience a sense of comfort and calm as you walk through the doors and anticipate your visit to Machu Picchu and consider how the visit will impact where you want to go in life and how you’ll get there.

All rooms have comfortable beds with crisp sheets of 100% Peruvian cotton, so you’ll awaken rested and refreshed for your visit to Machu Picchu and the rest of the retreat, ready to take on the world, and your life goals and priorities.

Along with El Mapi’s own restaurant, the hotel’s central location puts it steps away from many top restaurants offering delicious regional specialties as well as Italian, Asian and other favorites.

In Lima, The Hotel Senorial will welcome you to Peru. It’s the jumping-off point for our exciting and rewarding retreat. Located in the Miraflores district, near both the Málecon (the magnificent walkway along Lima’s Pacific coast) and the bustling Parque Kennedy, the area is great for people watching and partaking in Peruvian treats from the many street vendors.

Cusco: Costa Del Sol Wyndham

Located in the former 17th century mansion of the Marquis of Picoaga, the Wyndham Costa del Sol is our comfortable and refreshing base in Cusco. Just two blocks from the historic Plaza de Armas and the heart of Cusco, the Costa del Sol’s stunning traditional architecture combines traditional elements like original murals, carved wooden doors, a beautiful patio and high-beamed ceilings with the modern touches you’d expect like elegant furnishings and premium bedding and linens that will leave you rested and refresh on your journey of change.

The hotel is close to the Sacsayhuaman and Coricancha ruins and Cusco’s central market, where you can experience local life first-hand and sample mouthwatering treats.

Puerto Maldonado: Inkaterra Hacienda Concepcion

You know something is different about the Inkaterra Hacienda Conception as you step into one of their motorized dugout canoes for the trip down the Rio Madre De Dios (Mother of God River) into the Peruvian Amazon and to the hotel.

Set in the former site of a cacao and rubber plantation, in the heart of the lush Tambopota National Reserve, the Hacienda Conception blends beautifully with the rainforest around it.

Pristine and remote yet also accessible, you’ll feel a sense of serenity as you enter your private bungalow at the Inkaterra Hacienda Concepcion. With each unit perched majestically on stilts, you’ll experience an inner calm as you hear the breeze among the trees and the distant calls of native wildlife.

You’ll enjoy delicious meals of local ingredients in the beautiful and spacious dining room, where food is prepared in harmony with the environment.

Something special is the astonishing selection of naturalist activities, where you’ll learn about the incredible diversity of rainforest creatures and see many of them up close. All activities are led by expert guides who’ll welcome you to be part of their fascinating research and conservation projects.

The Cuisine

Peruvian food has been taking the gastronomic scene by storm in recent years. Peru’s varied landscapes provide myriad ingredients both wild and exotic, and its fusion of Andean and Asian cooking styles create incredibly delicious results. Here are some mouth-watering dishes you’ll have a chance to sample on your retreat:

Lomo Saltado (“stir-fried beef”) reflects Peruvian cuisine’s distinct Asian influence. The savory dish is an ever-present staple on Peruvian menus, made from marinated beef that’s wok-fried with thick slices of onions, tomatoes, and aji chilies. It’s always served with multiple starches (both rice and fries!) to soak up the thick sauce.

No trip to Peru is complete without a plate of fresh ceviche, Peru’s national dish! Cool, refreshing and flavorful, ceviche is made with just a few ingredients: pieces of raw white fish (like sea bass), lime juice, slivered red onions, salt, and sliced chili peppers. The salt and lime cook the fish just barely, leaving it delicate and tender and addicting. Ceviche is served everywhere from street carts and tiny market stalls, to the finest restaurants.

An inviting dish native to the Amazon is Juane, a classic that Peruvians all over the country love. Rice is mixed with bits of meat, eggs, olives, and fragrant Amazonian herbs and spices, then wrapped in the leaves of the bijao, a plant from the jungle, then boiled in a clay pot. When you unwrap your Juane from the leaves, you have the perfect balance of flavors and textures in your steamy rice, best accompanied by a cool, refreshing fruit juice (there’s plenty of that in Peru, too).

Aji de gallina (“creamy chicken”) is the comfort food of Peru, with subtle sophistication in its flavor. Shredded chicken is cooked down with a rich sauce of cream, cheese, walnuts, and chili. Be sure to try this Peruvian original for a cozy meal, and later try the endless aji de gallina-flavored dishes (like empanadas filled with aji de gallina!).

If you enjoy a little spice in your food, check out recoto relleno. This dish, from Arequipa in Peru’s south, is a large pepper oozing with melted cheese and ground beef, served bubbling and hot straight from the oven. It may look just like a bell pepper, but it’s a lot spicier!

No part of the animal is spared in meat-eating Peru. but don’t let that intimidate you! Ease into it all with anticuchos, delicious sliced barbecued cow heart skewers. The intoxicating secret is the marinade, a delectable combination of garlic, vinegar and chili. Some of the very best anticuchos are sold on the streets of Lima.

The Journey

This retreat is more than just a trip around Peru. It’s a journey to a new understanding of you, what’s in your heart and what you need so you can live an authentic, fulfilling life.

As you travel around Peru you’ll take part in activities that will increase your understanding and insight about your goals, needs and strengths, insight that will move you closer to what you need to be fulfilled and content.

The retreat starts off in Lima, traveling next to the lush Sacred Valley and then spectacular Machu Picchu and Cusco, ending in the fascinating Amazon jungle town of Puerto Maldonado and the Tambopata Natural Reserve.

In our exciting trip through Peru you’ll…

  • Ride on horseback through the rural countryside with local horsemen, on the way to visiting the captivating Rainbow Mountain
  • Explore fascinating archaeological sites like the salt pans of Maras and Moray and take part in Andean rituals with local shamans, which will connect you with the ancient mythology of Peru and with your own spirituality and higher purpose
  • Dine on a delicious meal in the home of a local family while you learn about life in Lima and think about your own life and what you want for yourself
  • Trek through windswept valleys and enchanting villages, witnessing first-hand how locals live and work, as you ponder your answers to the day’s coaching questions
  • Hike above the trees with expert local guides, through the Amazon tree canopy, on an awe-inspiring walkway, and travel down Amazon rivers in dugout canoes as you view fascinating wildlife like caiman (a cousin of alligators), river otters and colorful macaws, and experience a night hike to a camouflaged “blind” where you’ll watch wildlife up close.

Yes, you’ll do this and more on this retreat. You’ll see a lot, do a lot, and learn a lot, about Peru AND yourself, including what’s in your heart that you need to do during your one and only wild and precious life.

Our lives (and our minds) can be very structured, and to make possible the change we crave we need to loosen up that structure and embrace the unknown, embrace ambiguity, so we can open ourselves up for what the future will present.

This isn’t just some woo-woo touchy-feely belief, but rather a core principle if you’re to experience the growth and change you want in the first place.
Getting out of your everyday environment and coming to Peru will help open your mind to a new level of acceptance and possibility.

The retreat helps achieve this by not having a strict hour-by-hour itinerary and by letting you know the day’s itinerary only the night before!

We’ll adjust as we go, taking advantage of what unfolds and presents itself to us, being in the moment and acknowledging what we’re learning and feeling. Rest assured that me and the local guides will ensure the group makes it to all the activities and to accommodations every night! You’ll see for yourself how being in the moment and allowing life to unfold can serve you in wonderful and unexpected ways. A relaxed mind is capable of so much more than one that is full of thoughts and is rushed.

On the retreat you’ll also have time to yourself, to reflect on what you’re learning and feeling, to check out the local food and culture scene, and to pick up some cool souvenirs.

What You’ll Get Out Of It

  • Discover what you really want out of life so you feel confident about your direction
  • Understand your values and priorities so your life feels right
  • Stop going through the motions in life and start claiming your best life now
  • Learn to quiet your inner critic and create the life you need and want
  • Crush stress and regrets and start leading an authentic, fulfilling life that lights you up

This Journey is For You If…

  • Once and for all you want to feel fulfilled
  • You’re ready to take the steps needed for change to happen
  • You think that experiencing Peru while also working on yourself sounds pretty awesome
  • You’d be completely up for hiking, horseback riding, checking out Peruvian food and culture and experiencing the Amazon while you learn about what’s important to you and what you need in life to be happy
  • You want to feel great about how you’ll live your one and only wild and precious life

This Journey is NOT For You

  • You’re 100% happy with the life you have and where it’s going
  • You crave change but are unwilling to do anything to help make it happen
  • You’re a bit of a couch potato and prefer not to break a sweat
  • You’d rather go to your grave unhappy and with regrets than to discover what you need to be fulfilled and living an authentic life
  • You’re totally not interested in making new friends, enjoying great food, having authentic experiences while you grow and learn what you need to be happy and content


Everyone on my trips get some great bonuses:

  • Complimentary pre-trip and post-trip calls with me
  • Membership in an exclusive Facebook group just for trip alumni, to stay connected, discuss what you’ve learned and help fellow participants on their life journey
  • A meet-and-greet zoom call before the retreat to get to know others you’ll be sharing the retreat experience with

What’s Included

On this 12 day / 11 night Perú retreat, you’ll gain incredible insight into what you need and want to feel fulfilled and live an authentic life. The fee includes:

  • Single-occupancy accommodations in Lima (two nights), Cusco (two nights), Sacred Valley (three nights) Machu Picchu (one night) and Puerto Maldonado (three nights)
  • Ground transportation (except on arrival night), admission fees and guides
  • An awesome, life-changing time
  • All meals except where noted (see below)
    Dinner is included during Day 2 in Lima and during our three days in the Amazon. On other days there’ll be flexibility of dining arrangements and locations. Retreat participants are recommended to budget $50/pp/day for those meals, including alcohol. Lunch is not included after hotel check-out on day 12.

What’s NOT Included

  • Beverages and alcohol
  • Snacks and other foods you buy yourself
  • Domestic flights within Peru (estimated cost is $350 pp; paid at the time of the final retreat payment).
  • Room upgrades and hotel services like laundry, room service, etc.
  • Souvenirs and keepsakes
  • Flights to/from Peru (JOTS can assist with these).
  • Trip insurance (which is strongly recommended)

Your Host – Keith Finger

From the outside, it looked like I had it all. I graduated with honors from pricey private university and had a 20-plus year career in marketing, complete with international travel, impressive titles, and big salaries.

All the trappings of success, right? And yet, I felt like I was missing out on something better, that I needed more out of life. Society says I should have been happy. Instead, I felt empty. Somewhere in a plane over Mongolia, everything changed.

Looking out the windows of that Mongolian jet, I realized my heart wanted adventure, a new level of learning and connection, and above all else — service to others.

At that moment, I decided to turn my life around: I quit the corporate grind, burned the boat, and created Keith 2.0 to live the life that was in my heart.

It wasn’t easy. For example, some people tried to talk me out of pursuing change, afraid I’d fail and end up back where I started. But I knew the drive in me was strong and that I’d succeed and find what I needed.

Another time, in a moment of frustration, I almost took a job back in my old career. The money was good.  But deep down I knew it wasn’t something I could stomach. It would just kill my soul, bit-by-bit, every day. I turned it down and stayed the course to real change, which brought me to where I am today.

And now I work with other brave souls who are ready to stop dreaming and start living. To create a life that fills them with excitement and purpose. Are you one of those brave souls? If so, I would be honored to have you join me!


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Is this retreat for me?
Yes, this retreat is for you! If you’re a business professional who’s ready to learn what you really want out of your life (and career) and how to make it happen, while exploring Perú, you want this retreat! We’ll be doing a lot of walking, so it’s important to have good stamina and not require assistive devices.
Can you accommodate dietary restrictions?

While vegetarian food will be available, we cannot guarantee other dietary restrictions can be accommodated.

What about the situation in Perú?

Should the retreat be cancelled due to unrest in Perú, you will receive a 100% refund of all monies paid, guaranteed!

What do I pack?
The most important thing is comfortable hiking shoes and good socks! A recommended packing list will be provided when you sign up.
Still have a question?

Call or send me an email at

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