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This Is Not the Life or Career You Imagined for Yourself
But you’re not sure what to do about it. Does this sound familiar?
You don’t know what is possible for your life and how big you should be dreaming.

The “golden handcuffs” are on pretty tight, and you don’t see how to get them off.

You have a real fear about change and making the wrong decision.

You’re exhausted and overwhelmed, and wonder how you’ll have the energy to make a shift.

We’re with you every step of the way.

Get a Clear Picture of Your Vision

Gain Peace of Mind with a Personal Plan

Receive Expert Support for the Journey Ahead

From Frustrated to Fired-Up:
Creating the life and career you crave
Building on the knowledge you gained developing the roadmap for your life, this course will help you go deeper into defining what your career looks like.

You get everything in Self Discovery 101 plus:

Career-focused exercises to help you with the next steps.

Creation of three exciting opportunities using what you’ve learned about yourself.

Resources for researching your options and landing the right opportunity.

You know you want to make some radical changes and need that extra support and accountability that working directly with Keith provides.

You get everything in From Frustrated to Fired Up plus:

In-depth 1:1 calls about your progress and the opportunity to talk through any questions you have.

Get the insight and accountability you need to move forward.

I reached out to Keith because I was unhappy in my career, and had no idea how to go about a career change nor what I really wanted next. Keith helped me understand that feeling happy and fulfilled were important in a career, and his process and wisdom guided me toward finding a new career I look forward to every day.
Brian G.
Change Starts Here.
It’s Time To Level Up.